About Us

Rapid Garage is a custom fabrication shop specializing in engine conversions, performance upgrades, body kit installations, interior customization and much more.

Before Rapid Garage, Jonathan Rudman worked on his own cars as a hobby and later on helped his friends modify their cars over the weekends. His passion for cars started at a very young age which stemmed from his Grand-dad and father’s presence in Motorsport Racing.

Jonathan had bold ideas for car customization but was told that it could not be done, which resulted in the launch of Rapid Garage.

Making The Impossible Possible.

Jonathan Rudman Featured in the 200th edition of speed & sound magazine

Why Choose Us?

Every Job Is Personal

We only work on a project-to-project basis prioritizing our time, focus and energy on your project car.

Client Centric

Every project we undertake is always tailored to the customer’s specifications and budget.

One Stop Shop

We have all of the equipment and years of experience to turn your customization idea’s into a reality.



“These guys are really awesome in every way, all kinds of custom work they are able to do in-house, and the quality of the work is brilliant, they are fully dedicated working on your car so no waiting period like all other shops, service is really excellent, any problem they are always very willing to help, this is my only one stop custom shop when it comes to customising your car!”

– Carbon Sport

“RAPiD were more than accommodating with my needs during my build and are the most friendly of people! The work that come from their skill sets is beyond what I ever expected and I will definitely be returning in the near future for some further upgrades. Des and Jonathan are great people and I would definitely suggest you go to them for your car related troubles and upgrades.”

– Brandon Brands Acutt