Engine Conversions

So, you found a car you absolutely love but only to find that it does not have the right engine or maybe you are looking at building a fun race car and require a powerful motor but don’t know where to start. When it comes to engine conversions, it is not always a “pull-out-drop-in process.”

Factors such as wiring, mounting brackets, drivetrain, flywheel etc. may need to be changed depending on the type of car, bonnet space and compatibility of another engine. With years of experience in this industry, our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable and affordable solution.

One of the common reasons why people perform engine conversions is because of engine failure…


  • Water pump breaks
  • Neglecting oil changes
  • Overlooking oil leaks
  • Paying no attention to the cooling system
  • Very poor maintenance


  • Excessive smoke from exhaust
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Knocking or tapping noises
  • Low Compression

If you are experiencing any issues or would like us to take a look at your car, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.