Are you looking to step-up your car’s level of performance?

Whether you are looking to make a little bit of extra power or want to set new lap records, we at Rapid Garage, want to find out exactly what it is you want your vehicle to do.

Before we recommend any performance upgrades, we first evaluate the following three elements:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Handling

When either one of these elements are tweaked or replaced, it can potentially cause “stress” and/or damage another component. Thefore, our goal when it comes to performance tuning is to maintain a good balance between these three elements to safely increase your vehicle’s performance.

Getting to the performance…


  • Turbo Tuning
  • Software Remap
  • Turbo Conversions
  • Water-methanol installs
  • Bigger Brake Conversions
  • Custom Exhaust & Downpipe Systems